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I had joined the Navy in 2004. While aboard ship I worked in the galley, washing pots and pans in hot water with gloves on. After doing this for a while my hands started to hurt, more specifically my skin. They started to crack and bleed. After my time there ended, my condition of my hands lessened but never stopped.

Some time later I went into the medical field while I was in the Navy. Where washing my hands frequently caused my hands to crack and bleed, this time much worse. I struggled washing my hand, putting lotion on my hands and washing them all over again. It was a cycle that I felt I couldn’t win. When I got out of the Navy in 2010, my hands once again lessened with the issue but never went away.

I dreaded washing my hand at this point. Our family is one that likes to experiment and try new things. So when we bought a farmette, we got LaMancha goats. My husband and I would get so much milk that we would give it to the ducks and chickens we had on our small farmette. My hands were still dry and cracking. My husbands family would say to my husband why not make soap with the extra milk. So my husband gathered up the material to make a cold process soap.

After the soap was done a week later, for me, my hands weren’t as dry any more. Another week later and my hands weren’t cracking. I had my pre-Navy skin back. A year later my hands have not gone back to dry and cracking. So we started to sell it after being asked if we would. But life has a way of  happening so we didn’t try to sell any and things fell to the wayside. Yet a couple of people who were so thrilled at how it helped their skin asked again if we could sell them some soap, the scent didn’t matter. So we come full circle and I still use our soap. I would like to give you the chance to experience it for yourself. I would like for you to join us…

For happier skin
Alena Snyder

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